This game is an election simulator where you are a political leader vying to win the hearts of the voters.

You set up camps and make promises in order to woo the people to vote for you.

You can see where the people are wealthy and where the education levels are high so you can align your campaign promises for maximum effect.

How to Play

Tiny circles on the game represent individual people who can support you in the election.

Browse through the maps in the bottom navigation bar to understand their level of support, wealth, education and minority status.

Set up a camp by clicking on the small camp button in the left navigation bar. Once you click the button a circle appears under your cursor which signifies the area in which the camp will work.

Click on the area where you want the camp to operate. Once you do this, a popup appears showing you the promises which can be made in that area. Select the promises which you want to make. Note that promises affect the people according to their wealth, education and minority level. Select the promises judiciously.

Keep setting up the camps to get support of more and more people. On the election day, the people who support you will vote for you.

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AuthorNiku Games
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